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Friday, December 13, 2019

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  hi have question. Son getting married at 5:00pm reception at 5:30 they are having a semi-formal wedding, but they want to serve either sub sandwiches or pasta and tacos..we suggested prime rib or someother kind of dish they said they dont want to have big fancy dinner and just want to socialize. It is a big controversy for us..and a huge embarasment we said we would pay for the food. but bride says her mom and 8 other people are vegans and dont want meat, but I say what about the other 100 who like to actually sit down and eat meat. or even a nice meal in their $200 or $300 dollar dress. and suit. I am sure grandpa doesnt want to stand there and eat a taco...am I wrong in this..> I kept my mouth shut about the kungfu fighters on cake and the hotwheels racing that they are going to do,...
  Hi Valerie, I am the bride-to-be and first off I just wanted to ask if I wear an ivory dress, should my isle runner be ivory or white? Secondly, I'd like to give some depth to my reception area and was wondering if it would be okay to have ivory tableclothes and napkins with white china? Or possibly Ivory table clothes with white napkins? Is this okay, or just silly?
  Valerie: what would be the proper food to serve at a Friday evening wedding - ceremony starts at 8:30 p.m. - cocktail hour 9-10 p.m. - then dinner. Wedding date June 10, 2005 thanks
  We are having a small wedding and reception at a church @ 3:00. Is it ok to have just cake, punch, & coffee?
  Valerie, I am having a cocktail reception with appetizers and drinks only. I was wondering if I start the ceremony at 7:00 with the reception immediately following would that be ok for that type of reception? Will people know by "cocktail reception" on the invitation that it will not be a full dinner and they should eat before they come?
  Hi Valerie, I'm trying to decide on whether to hire a wedding coordinator or not. I'm having a destination wedding (in a place I know well) and have already picked the venue, made inquiries as to price and menus. The Banqueting manager seems very helpful and suggested I contact a wedding coordinator that she knew to be reliable. I am only having about 25 guests, all close friends and family, no DJ or band etc and I have already started researching vendors on the web. Do I need a coordinator? The quote I was given for just basic coordination and researching of vendors (cake, flowers, photographer, marriage officer, decor) plus attendance on the day was around equivalent $1200! That doesn't include any of the services. For such a small number I think that is very high. What do you think? Thought they were meant to save you money! Any advice gratefully received.
  I live in Louisiana, and i want to have a nite time wedding (with lots of candles) during the summer. I would really like to avoid the expenditure of serving a meal (dinner to be exact). How late or early should the wedding be so that I can avoid this, and is it polite to just serve cake at a nite time wedding?
  Hi Valerie, I'm trying to find an officiant to marry us and am wondering what a reasonable pricing would be. We are not members of a church, and would like a non-denominational officiant to do our wedding at the restaurant where were are having the reception as well. The person I spoke to today quoted me $585 which includes coordinating the ceremony, travel, the rehearsal, and a portable sound system (since the ceremony will be outside). That price seems high to me...am I way off-base? Thank you for your help! How great of you to offer free wedding advice! Kristie
  What type of food do we serve at an outdoor wedding reception around 2:00 in the afternoon? My mom says Hour Dourves because its too late for lunch and too early for dinner, but my fiancée insists that we need to feed our guests a full meal.
  Dear Valerie, I am having issues already about the guest list to our wedding and it is 13 months away. My fiance has a very large family and he is insistent that he invite everyone in his family, which is well over 100 people. Some of these people he only sees once a year or less. My parents are paying for the wedding and have given us a set budget. If we invite all of these people we will need to pay for them. He doesn't think it's fair that I ask him to cut down on the list. Please help.


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