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  my daughter in vancouver, canada is getting married and the groom's parents are paying for the reception. what is my obligation as a father?
  My daughter is being walked down the asile by her brother just 5 yrs older than her, she wants him listed on the cermony program how should he be listed? He will be known by her family and friends but the groom's side and many co-workers won't know who he is, she doesn't want people asking who he is while they come down the aisle.
  What is the appropriate way to ask people for money gifts instead of physical gifts? We have all we need, but need money to help pay for honeymoon.
  This is my 2nd wedding, and my soon to be hubby's 1st.. He wants the traditional wedding (150 people wedding & reception in the same place, me in the white dress) there has been people talking saying I am WRONG, that our wedding should be small & I should NOT be wearing white... honestly it hurts to hear.. I am I wrong?
  My fiance and I are in our 30's. We are planning a nice reception of about 75 people, however our ceremony is an issue. My fiance is very shy and would like the two of us to marry in a private ceremony before the reception. How do I announce and invite people to the reception? Can I still wear a wedding dress? Please advise when you, this has turned into a huge family issue. Thank you!
  I am the groom's grandmother. The wedding is in mid-April, 2010 in Boston, MA. at 2:30 p.m. Is a cocktail-length dress appropriate for a wedding at that time? If not, what length dress is? Does "color" make a difference? If so, please make suggestions. Thank you!
  Is it OK to use a bank of lit candles in lue of altar flowers to decorate the church at a 2:30 pm wedding in September? Th church uses a set of beautiful candle stands to decorate for Christmas, and I'm thinking they would look great for the wedding.... BUT....Will it look weird or in bad taste to have candles lit while the sun is shining?
  My daughter recently got engaged and both her and her finance are thinking of a desination wedding. Although the are area is not far from us, (two hours), my question is as parents of the bride will we be responsilbe for paying for out of town guests? And do we pay for the wedding party lodging?
  Hi Valerie, Thanks for all of the good information I have already read on your site. My daughter is getting married in Hawaii next May. We know that most of our friends will not be attending, and we planned to send a photo from the wedding as an announcements afterwards. I know that many will send gifts. The kids are finishing college before the wedding and do not know where they will land jobs. They currently live with the grooms parents (very generous), and do not have too much ' 'stuff'' accumulated. They would like to keep it that way until they find out where they will be living. All that said, what they would like is financial contributions to their honeymoon, but the announcements would not go out until afterwards. Should we send announcements before with a registry insert (like your recommendation of RegistryPalace.com)? My daughter and I feel that the photo is more fun, and we don't want people to feel like we are asking for gifts. Any advice or ideas? Thanks, Kim
  Is it improper to announce our engagement at my finacee's cousins wedding reception? I believe it would be rude as it would momentarily take the focus off of the bride and groom, but my fiancee believes it would be perfect, as his entire family will be in one place, which rarely happens. We've already told our parents. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
  we are having a semi-casual wedding and have decided to have a taco bar (very non traditional) we know that we will have enough food but do we still need to have RSVP's? My fiance thinks that we don't but i am not sure. Thank you
  My daughter and her fiance are in their late 30's; she is doing Post Doctoral work(earning 45K and soon to be over 100K) and he has a job in the corporate world with a resonable income (75-90 K).His mom expects the brides family to pay for wedding. I am 64, a realtor earning no money. I personally believe that after having paid for a goodly portion of my daughters' living expenses without the help of her mom (we are divorced) and given their age and income potential, it is just not right to expect me to pay for their wedding. What do you think?
  My mother and father are deceased. My fiance is basically related to the lower half of Florida. Needless to say we are doing away with the traditional bride side/groom side. But, would it be in bad taste to drape two chairs and "dress" them, and place a picture of my mother and father on them? They would have been so happy to have been a part of this day. My fiance asked my son to be his best man and my daughter wants to by a bridesmaid so I will only have my sister sitting in the crowd. Also, my fiance does not want to invite his mother (ok by me) but his father and his wife will be there on "the grooms" side so I was wondering if this would be wrong to do, my parents pictures, because I know they will be there in spirit. Also, who could I ask to walk me down the aisle? I truely have no one. Could I ask his father?, or would it be more appropriate to walk alone (this could be a problem as I am blind and would need my cane). HELP!
  I am having a private ceromony and reception. I plan on having a big party afetr ther honeymoon. How do i go about justifing my actions so i dont upset others? and how to word invations to the party?
  What are/should be my duties and responsibilities as a step-father at my step-daughters wedding ? I am aware that specifics are up to my step-daughter, but I just want to do the right thing for her special day. Her father and her are close and he will be fullfilling his obligations, but I just want to be there for her in a low keyed manner.
  I am getting married in June '09 and this is a second wedding for both myself and my fiance. We are both divorced and I was wondering if it would be weird or inappropriate to have my dad walk me down the isle again. Originally I thought I wouldn't but I really want him to be a part of my wedding.
  Is it proper etiquette for a male to bring a male friend to a wedding as his guest. He is recently home from college and does not have a close girl friend to ask. Thank you
  A young man just got married. In planning the wedding the mother of the groom was not allowed to do anything. When the mother & father of the groom arrived, they were seated in a different position than the rest of the group and the groom showed up wearing a matching shirt of the father of bride, then at the reception there was a grooms cake. This really hurt the mother and father of the groom. I have a hard time understanding why the new bride treated the in-laws this way and why the groom allowed it. She was married before and complained about having in-law troubles in her first marriage during the relationship. Can you explain why a mother of the bride and bride would put a wedding together and leaving out the groom on one of his most important days of his life. The groom lived with his parents until he married. They did have a few problems but nothing that should have caused this rift. When asked the groom why this happened he stated that it was her wedding and that is what she wanted so he allowed her to. Now they hardly speak The parents and newlyweds. I need a explanation why someone would do something like this. Is it customatory for the groom's mother to be left out like this. I see nothing good coming from this relationship. The parents dont know what to do. Can you help?
  I sent a question in on 7/10/08. I have been searching for it and can not find the answer. It was put under Ceremony. Do you email the answers as well
  My son and his fiance are having a private wedding. Their wish is to have a "Blessing of the Marriage" ceremony and reception when they return from their honeymoon to share and celebrate with family and friends. This will be an outdoor late afternoon ceremony. The reception will be inside and outside As Mother of the Groom, what should I wear? Are evening pants and top appropriate? I need some suggestions. I considered black evening pants with a White w/ black trim evening top. Help
  I rarely go to church now, but went regularly growing up. I have asked my old youth minister to marry my fiance and I. He told us to get in touch with him 6 months prior to the wedding for premarital counseling. I tried to call to do this but the number has been disconnected. I have an address for him, but I really don't want to show up to his house. Should I write a letter? What would you suggest I do?
  We are getting married July 2009 but want to get a head start on our planning. I am having bridesmen instead of bridesmaids, we have planned for them(3) to walk in with their girlfriends and seat them in one of the front pews but how would we have them walk out with the groomsmen(3) so they don`t look gay??
  Hi Valerie. My fiance and I are both pagan and my mother is having a fit that we want to have a non-denominational ceremony. my Uncle Jim has offered to preform the ceremony but refuses to do a non-denominational service. what should we do? and #2...I want my father to walk me down the aisle but he refuses to wear a tux and when i suggested that he wear just the pants shirt and vest( as are the men in my party as we are getting married on a beach) he still said no and I don't know what to do. thanks, Chrissy
  Hi. I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. My sister who is four years older did not seem thrilled for us. Less than a month later she announced her engagement to her boy friend of 2 months. I feel like she is rushing this because she cannot stand the idea of her little sister being engaged before her. I am also hurt that she did it so soon after me. It feels like she is taking the spotlight of my engagement off me. Do you think I have a right to feel hurt by this? I believe her timing was distasteful. Do you agree?
  Hello Valerie! I am so glad I found your site. I am having a huge dilemma with my wedding ceremony. Here is a bit of background to help you understand the problem. My biological father was not a huge part of my life growing up, but my parents stayed married until I was 14 years old. They divorced and my mother remarried. My Step-father has been a huge part of my life now for 8 years and raised me through what I think was the most important time of my life. Since my parents divorce, I now have a relationship with my biological father, but it is definately not as strong and close as with my Step-father. I would like to have my step-father walk me down the aisle and have the father/daughter dance with him, but I do not want to hurt my bio-father's feelings. So, I have decided to include him also but I just don't know how. Do I have them both walk me down the aisle and have a father/daughter dance with both? This is the one thing that I have been stressing the most with throughout the planning. I just don't know how or what to do so things are awkward. Do they both walk and me and I split the daughter/father dance in half? If so, who do I dance with first? I need some serious help. I don't know what to do, but I would like to include both. Any advice would be AMAZING! Thanks for your time! I also have a question about the wording on the invitation, but I will post that in the appropriate thread.
  Hello. My fiance and I are having a destination wedding and having our honeymoon while we are there. For various reasons we have decided not have invite our families to come for the wedding but to come home and have a reception to celebrate with our families and friends. My parents and sisters are very happy and excited for us and support our decison. My fiance's mom is very hurt. I have been thinking that maybe we could have some type of small ceremony (maybe to "bless" our marriage) at home, before our reception, for our parents and siblings. Any ideas on what we could do? Thanks.
  Hello Valerie, I'm not getting married for just over a year, we've recently just gotten engaged and started the planning process. We have run into a big stumper with the wedding attendants. He doesn't have anyone really close to him that he feels comfortable asking to be his best man. He has moved around, a few times across the country, and therefore doesn't have any real close friends. And his jobs are not in social settings either. He is not close to his father or half- brothers either. I would really like my sister to be my maid of honor and my best friend to stand up for me too, but with him not being able to think of someone he wants to be there for him it is making planning difficult. But I don't want him trying to pick someone he isn't comfortable with either, not for a important day like this one. I don't mind having a creative or non traditional ceremony. I'm just not sure how to make it work in this situation. Can you please help or give us ideas? Thank you so much,
  Me and my Husband got married two weeks ago. It was a quick justice of the peace ceremony. Because of insurance purposes we had to do it before Jan. 1st. We are doing the whole ceremony over in April with bridesmaids and groomsmen then having a reception. Our justice of the peace says we can do the whole ceremony again, but I feel weird cause we are already married. She said a vow renewal is typically after 5 years of marriage. Do you have any advice on what could be done?
  My name is Christina. My fiance' has a daughter. I was wondering if their are any special traditions I can use at the wedding, I want to incorporate her into the ceremony.
  Hi Valerie! I'm getting married in 12 days and I have a bit of dilemma. The person who was going to be playing the music at my ceremony fell through. I am ok with and actually prefer using music from a disk at the ceremony. However, my mom is convinced that this is tacky and will "look bad." Now she has my paranoid because I want my big day to be as perfect as possible. Any advice?
  My Fiance and I are both getting married for the third time. He has 2 children, and I don't have any children. What can I do to bring them into MY family? I'm not sure exactly what I would have to do or what can be done to have a family ceremony since they will be my step son and step daughter. Another reason why I ask is because we are going to have a Military wedding since he is in the Army. Please help!!
  Hi Valerie, My name is Robin Sumner, My ex-husband were married for 15 years. We got a divorce almost 4 years ago, My question is, I have been to Gatlinburg Tn. before, and I love it there, My ex ask me to re-marry him. We just want to go to a small chapel, Do we have to have a witness? And do we have to get a marriage license? We just want it to be the two of us, spend a few days on our honeymoon there and come home, Would you please reply to my e-mail? Thank you very much: Robin Sumner


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