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  I was asked to put the engagement announcement in the newspaper for our son and future daughter in law..the question is..they are getting married Nove. 1 in Hawaii by themselves and Dec. 3 our son is being deployed to Afghanistan. We will have a huge reception for them in one year but how do we announce that in that paper and should we mention at all about his upcoming deployment. He is active duty medic stationed in Vermont and we are so roud and happy for them both...they found eachother.
  Do guests envited to an Engagement Party bring gifts, if so what kind of gift? I will be attending the Engagement Party, Bridal Shower and Wedding.
  My daughter just got engaged and I would like to send a card of congrats to her future in-laws. I have not met them yet. What is the proper language?
  I've been asked if it is appropriate for guests invited to our engagement party to bring a gift?
  Not sure what category this would fall in a few things. After 6 years of living together we've decided to do the right thing and get married. We would like to get married in May by ourselves with my kids from a previous marriage. Then we are planning a big old bbq in our new house. My questions are 1) should I send out announcements of the engagement? 2) my mother-in-law to be does not want me to invite her brothers but this would upset my grandmother-in-law deeply how do I handle this? 3) she also mentioned that she would like to be at the justice of the peace when we get married but it 1) can't be during the week her husband can't take off and wants her other son and his wife there..My finance wanted his dad (his parents are divorced) to be our witness and just have him and the kids. I don't get along with her daughter in law and it would not be fair to not invite my brother and sister if I have to invite all of them. How do I handle this? Desperate for an answer cause I feel like I'm running out of time...thank you
  I am going to ask the man that I have been with for three years to marry me, and I went to Things and Remembered and got a photo album and a key chain had a verse wrote on the front of the album and then the fey chain has an envelope and a card that slides in there I put his name on the envelope and will you marry me on the card I am asking him on his birthday I need help on how to give it to him and when, we are going to Mexico for his birthday so I will do it there just don't know how to.
  What are some fun ideas for a bachelor and bachelorette party that doesn’t involve drinking and strippers? I’m thinking a spa trip for the bridal party, but what about the groom?
  hi i have a question about the ring order i know on the wedding day i put my engagement ring on my right hand ...right ? but does my wedding ring or engagement ring go on top when they are placed together ?
  When should I start planning my wedding?
  Can a wedding shower be co-ed?
  Who can host my wedding shower?


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