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Friday, December 13, 2019

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  Can someone who is a justice of peace in New Hampshire come to Pa and marry my fiancée and I?
  I'm planning on asking my girlfriend to marry me after a year and a half of loving each other to death, but by the luck of the draw I've only been to two weddings in my life. Once when I was 16 years old and one when I was 16 months old. Do to this I know little to nothing on how some of the traditions that go on during a wedding and my first problem is rings. I know that there are engagement rings and wedding rings, but that about all I know about rings. Which one is traditionally the more expensive? Who gets the engagement ring and who gets the wedding ring? When the couple actually gets married to the just take off the engagement rings and replace it with the wedding ring?
  my boyfriend and I have been discussing getting married. I believe he will propose soon. the problem is i always dreamed of having an engagement party, bridal shower, baby shower, and bachelorette party, but i have no one close enough to me we would be nice enough to throw me any of these events. Is it tacky for the bride and groom to throw their own party (the ones listed above). I feel those will be special moments in my life. should i miss out on what I've always dreamed of because no one would throw one for us? i wouldn't mind spending the money, b/c i feel I'll get something greater and laster longer in return-----memories.
  My boyfriend and I have recently been discussing getting engaged and have started to look at reception sites open for next October (2005). I don't want a big wedding - and he has a huge family, he thinks he has to invite all 60 of his cousins plus their dates/spouses and children. All of our relatives live all over the country - essentially from coast to coast. Many are in the midwest, were we live, and I'm afraid either everyone will show up - or no one will show up. Is it inappropriate to write on the invitiation something to the effect of "physical appearance unnecessary"? Many may feel obligated to come and I don't want to cause financial hardship on any of our family members to make it to our ceremony if it isn't going to be huge and elaborate.
  My fiancé and I are planning a sit down dinner for the reception. I know we are supposed to invite all of the paid professionals (florist, harpist, director, etc ) to the wedding but are they also supposed to attend/be invited for the dinner reception and do i need to include their families? Thanks
  My fiance and I have been looking forward to our wedding for over two years and can't wait for our July 2nd date. But his sister just got engaged and set her date for five weeks after ours. I feel like this is stealing our glory and that we won't get the attention we REALLy deserve. Not to mention that out-of-town guests now have to choose to come South for two weddings in a month or choose to come only to one. I feel cheated and think this is tacky of her. Am I wrong? How should I handle this? What if they want to have double bridal showers or something, I can't stand that thought.
  What do I need to know when hiring a photographer?
  What do I need to know when hiring a DJ?
  How do you address an invitation to a pastor and his wife if I am not getting married in a church but he is officiating our ceremony?
  I just got engaged and i always wanted to be married by the water. I wanted to know how to find out about renting a house in the hamptons on long island and having my ceramony and reception there
  How do I make sure my vendors do a good job?
  Do I have to tip the vendors and if so how much?
  Do I need a wedding coordinator?
  Do I have to feed the wedding vendors?


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