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  My husband is a pastor at a medium-sized church. Our son was reared in this church, and is getting married in a year. Do we invite the entire congregation to the wedding and then a selected number of parishioners to the reception or just invite those parishioners who are closest to our family to the wedding and reception?
  The groom's mother died when he was young and his father remarried. His step mother raised him from a young age together with his father. The father died, before the groom was out of high school. So, both parents are dead, and the step-mother never remarried. He calls her "mom", as she was the one who raised him. He does not want to disrespect the step mom, but wants to include the late mother and father in the engagement announcement and the verbage of the wedding invitation. Please help with the correct wording for this unusual situation. Thanks much.
  Hi Valerie, thanks for taking my question. In today's society, people do not understand that if your children's/babies name is not on the envelope they are not invited. Is it really rude to put at the bottom of the reception insert, this sentence: "The wedding ceremony and reception are intended to be adult events, unless otherwise addressed on the invitation envelope. Thank you for honoring the bride and groom's wishes." Thank you for your help, Valerie.
  I just started a new job this in March of this year and my wedding is in September. The wedding is not local for where I work. Should I send an Invitation to my co-workers and boss?
  Hello Valerie, I want to do my own invitations and I am have a problem with with the wording for my wedding. See both my parents(the bride) and his ( the groom) parents are paying for the wedding... He parents are still married but my parents are not and my mom is remarried. My Father is not. I want them to all be included but I am not sure how to do it. Do you have any ideas to help me out. thank you Nicole
  Hello Valerie, How do I address an reply envelope. Do I use both the Bride ande Groom name or just the bride? Maenotes
  Valerie, My future daughter-in-law is somewhat estranged from her parents (who are divorced). We do not think her parents are going to contribute financially to the wedding, but the bride and groom (our son) will contribute approximately 1/3 of all costs, which includes reception, rehersal dinner, etc. My question is, if the groom's parents contribute most of the funds for the wedding costs, and her parents will not be involved, what should the invitation say? Who shall the invitation say is inviting the guests? Thank you
  sisters sent handwritten invitations, actually they were shower invitations. invitations with for,when, where ,time. very sloppy writting.the bwedding is in 3 wks. is there any way to correct this. so embarassed for me and my church.they do not go where i go .i trusted them to do this.
  Hi Valerie My son is marrying a girl from Brazil and we have one month to plan a wedding. Would it be tacky to hand deliver the invitations because we are short on time?
  My daughter is getting married in August. I have a casual friend I met about 3 years ago through my best friend whom I've known for 42 years. My best friend has offered to host a shower, and so has this other woman. Since this casual friend has only met my daughter twice, very briefly, we were not planning on inviting her to the wedding - the budget dictates we keep the guest list as small as possible. I had considered telling my BFF and this other friend that it'd be alright if they hosted the shower jointly, but am wondering if it's rude to have the casual friend as a shower co-host and then not invite her to the wedding. If we turn down the casual friends offer to host a shower, I know she will be hurt - she's very sensitive, and she absolutely loves to throw parties! What to do?
  Hi, My name is Amanda and I recently became engaged. I am very excited and would like to send announcements. I however am having a pretty small wedding consisting of less than 50 people including the bridal party. I would love to tell more people about our engagement without having to invite them to the wedding. Is this rude, if you recieve an announcement should you assume you will later be invited?
  My mother-in-law is in a nursing home in a distant state and will not be able to attend my daughter's wedding. Of course, she knows the wedding is coming up. Do we send her an invitation knowing she cannot attend? We don't want her to feel left out, but don't want her to try to send a gift. She knows we are going to send her photos of the wedding afterwards. Thank you.
  I have a tough one for you Valery. My daughter is mentally challenged and planning a December wedding. She insists on posting fliers around places where vagrants and recovering alcohlics hang out, inviting them all to her wedding. This is in addition to the family and freinds who will recieve formal invitaions. She does not understand that you need to know about how many people are coming to your wedding. She can't see why she needs to send out special invitations, dispite my repeated attempts to reason with her. She and her fiance have NO money, yet they are planning this big wedding. I am not helping with expenses for various reasons. Her fiance is a good man, and want them to be happily married. We are just worried that she will embarass herself, or become too overwhelmed as the wedding day approaches. She also says she will have no cake or flowers, and will not be providing food. Food will come in the form of a pot luck. Some family members will not take this well. And what will the grooms family think? She seems completely unable to plan any part of the event, yet she insists on having things her way, thwarting any advice or suggestions. Her dad and I feel that she would do best to have a small wedding with just family, as that is about all she can handle mentally and financially. We are so worried that her happy day will be ruined if she proceeds with this open invatation idea. She is literally "The Other Sister" in this matter. I feel I can do nothing but back off at this point -- and pray. Any suggestions on getting her to realize how important a guest list and by invitation only is? What will people think when she has no cake and expects them to bring food? What will happen if she think 100 people are coming and another 100 vagrants pack the church and reception hall?
  My parents (of the brides) are planning to pay for our wedding and reception. They have indicated that if the groom's family would like make a contribution in addition to hosting the rehearsal dinner that they could pay for the alcohol at the reception and/or host the brunch. Paying for the alcohol at the reception will mean them footing approximately 10% of the wedding costs. Should the groom's parents then be listed on the invitation as hosts (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Parents-of-the-Bride and Mr. and Mrs. Parents-of-the-Groom invite you...)? I think that indicates that the wedding is being spilt either 50-50 or close to it and since that would not be the case, I do not think the invitation should be worded as such. My fiance feels differently. Is there a "right" answer or do you have any suggestions about how to handle such a touchy situation?
  When a bride registers at stores for gifts, can the little cards be placed in the wedding invitations when mailed?
  My daughter is getting married at night. It is a formal wedding. What is the proper way to remind her guests that it is formal and that they are expected to dress accordingly.
  My son is getting married and I want to invite his friends but not a guest with them, is this allowed? Can the invitation read Mr. John Hillman or does it have to be Mr. John Hillman and guest
  Hi Valerie, My daughter is having a small wedding (60 people), I have two questions for you, is a combination "bride & groom" wedding shower proper to have at "mom and dad's house" and can we invite people not invited to the wedding to the shower? Thank you for your help.
  Our niece is getting married in 6 months. We suspect it will be a large formal wedding. We received an email from the brides father giving us "A heads up" as he calls it. The email simply gave the date and stated that we would all be receiving invitations shortly. This does not seem appropriate to give guests a "Heads up". I would think that the bride would not approve of such a thing. First ,he doesnt know who will be invited as this side of the family is totally disfunctional and his email extended invitations to everyone with a request to pass the word along. I just think that sending such an email or informing people ahead of the brides invitation is a bit uncouthed. It this an appropriate thing to do? We are guessing the bride knows nothing about this email nor does the mother of the bride.
  When responding to an invitation and if sending a cheque as a gift do you make the cheque payable to the future groom or do you postdate it and make it payable to Mr. & Mrs.?
  my mom and i have lived with my stepfather since i was about 10 years old. my step father has always treated me like his daughter he helped with homework, spent time with me, paid for college etc. My father and i not real close he paid minimum child support and i saw him couple times a year. now i am getting married (i am 21) and my mother and stepfather are paying for the wedding and reception. how should the invitations be worded?
  on the printed invitation, when the step father is not listed;how do you list the mothers name? Would you use her first name, or Mrs.(husbands name)?
  On the printed invitation we have one set of (bride) parents and another (groom) who are divorced. Does the groom's parents say only both names (father and mother) or mother and then father & step-mother? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  The wedding is happening at grandpas house. He is a retired Colonel and I d not know how this should be listed on the invitation... At the residence of Colonel Bob Jones Retired???
  Hi Valerie, I have a friend and she has a home, she lives with her boyfriend , How should the invatation be addressed or should each get a invatation?
  When we registered, they gave us these little slips of paper that lets everyone know where we are registered. They said to include them in our wedding invitations but I feel that is tacky. What do you think?
  On a wedding invitation when both the mother and the father of the bride are hosting the event but they are divorced, whose name is mentioned first? Should it be "Susan Brown (on one line) and (on it's own line) Robert Brown (on the third line) request the honour......?
  Hi Valerie! I'm getting married in less than 3 weeks. When I sent out invitations to the wedding party, I included a letter giving a tentative schedule for the day of and the day before the wedding. I am huge on organization. My fiance received a call from his best man whose wife is a bride's maid, and she claimed that she felt like I was bossing her around, and she did not appreciate being told what to do. Was I wrong in sending the letter? Also, I was just preparing tonight to type out tentative duties for each person in the wedding (with the exception of her), is this too overbearing?
  on the response card who do you know what date to place as the response date. Like when it says response by
  I'm the maid of honor for my best friend since 3rd grade's wedding who is getting married at the end of May. Another bridesmaid, who has been friends with her since 7th grade, and I were surprised and insulted when she did not invite any of our parents to her wedding. The bride was practically a second daughter to my family and has spent countless hours and nights at our house. My mom and I even took her on our vacation to disney world when we were 15. The bride spent much time with the other bridesmaid's family as well, and went on two vacations with them - to Canada skiing and Florida. We haven't said anything to her about this and have tried to overlook it, remembering that guest lists are limited and she cannot invite everyone. However, we recently found out that she invited the other bridesmaid's ex-boyfriend. The bride has only met the ex-boyfriend twice and knows that him and her friend have not been on good terms since the break-up. This inconsideration seems only more insulting considering that she invited him over our parents who she has known for years and spent much time with. What should we do about this? Should we talk to the bride about we feel, or should we try to ignore it?
  We have a limited amount of invitations we can send out due to finances for the reception. We want to send out acknowledgements to all others. Do we send them out the same time as the invitations or after the wedding takes place?
  I am trying to help a friend with the wording of her invitation. This is her first marriage but her fiance's second marriage. I am wondering if the invitations should say, Angie and Jeremy request your presence or the parents of Mr. and Mrs. Day and Mr. and Mrs. Hill request your presence... Another twist is that the groom was raised totally by his grandparents. Any advise would help.
  my 3rd, his 1st, wedding outside with reception immediately following. date 10-08-05. to be held at my son's home. how to word the invitations?
  My fiance and I are getting married Sept 30 2006 we are trying to save money and are only inviting adults to our wedding with limited seating.How do we construct R.S.V.P. to inform no children and only persons listed are invitation.
  I have an aunt who has six children and 4 in-laws. I invited aunt, 5 children and 4 in-laws. I excluded one child for no other reason than I limited invitations per family. This child is 42 and single. It would have meant one more invitation. Was I wrong to exclude 1 child from the wedding. He is neither oldest or youngest child. Now my aunt and her children are not coming to the wedding. All of the children live locally. Please advise me what I should have done.
  Dear Valerie, I'm writing to ask about how to word my invitations properly. My fiance's name is Tyrone Garcia Jr. However, he goes by and everyone knows him by Joey. The wedding is semi- formal, outside and fall/autumn inspired. It is at 4:00pm, the bridesmaids dresses are floor length. Thanks for your help. Natalie
  Whose name do you put on the response card envelope when the couple is living together before the wedding. Thanks for your help.
  Dear Valerie, My fiancé's mother passed away 2 years ago and his father and step-mother are hosting our wedding and reception. I asked my future in-laws about the wording on the invitations but she feels there may be a more proper way to address a step-mother other than saying 'their son' or his parents. I love them both dearly and want them recognized in our invitations. Any suggestions?
  dear valerie, when addressing the invitations is it correct to write aunt and uncle on the outside or on the inside of the second card. Thank you
  I sent out save the date cards in January, my wedding is in September. My fiancé nor I have spoken to a few people on that list since January. Do we still have to send them invitations to the actual wedding?
  Hi Valerie: My fiancé' and I are getting married in October in Jamaica. How should the invitations be worded? Should it be worded as a normal invitation with the location and time, but just that we are announcing the marriage instead of actually asking for their asking people to come?
  Valerie, How do I word my invitation for the reception, sense we are not sure of the location yet? My wedding is on June 25, 2005. I have the church confirmed for the ceremony, but not for the reception, which we will have at a different location after the ceremony. Can I put "reception to follow" but not list where it is and just make an announcement at the end of the ceremony where the reception will take place?
  i am sending out my invitation this weekend and would like to know how would i word on the invitations that we would like for our guest to give us money as a gift. i do not have a website for them to go to. we will have a wishing well .thanks in advance
  My husband and I got married suddenly in Las Vegas. We are now planning our reception but due to scheduling it won't be held in till several months after the actual wedding. What is the proper wording for our invitations?
  How far in advance should wedding invitations be purchased and when should they be sent?
  I would like to see examples of invitations to a Christian wedding 2nd marriage
  When addressing the envelopes, should the state be spelled out or is it permissible to abbreviate the state? Is it correct to write the zip code on a line by itself (if there isn't enough room on the third line)?
  My Father recently passed away, how do I use his and my Mothers name in the invitations?
  My fiance and I are getting married April '06 and we know that we want to have the wedding in Las Vegas. Or dilemma is that we want everyone to go that can afford to in leau of any gifts. The question I have is, When should we send out invitations that will provide enough time for our guests to save money to go to Vegas as well? Do we just spread the word as to when we're going then send out invitations a few months before as normal?
  Is it ok to invite part of a family ie: we would like to invite a family friend (who's single ) and just her daughter (she is friendly with the bride) and not her high school age son, because he is not as close to the bride. We are trying to limit the number of invitees. Is this appropriate or not? We are having other teens, so the age rule does not work.
  We have been living together for quite a while and are having a very casual ceremony. We would prefer for our friends to give us cash gifts since there really is nothing we need. My questions is, is there any way to include that on our invitations without sounding so bad? I appreciate your help with this. Thank you, Lori
  I am trying to save money on invitations, so, I would like to put the reception information on the face of the wedding invitation. The wedding and reception are at the same location. Is there specific wording I should use?
  I'm getting married may 1,05 when should i send out my invitations? and on the RSVP card when should i ask for them to be returned to me?
  At what age does a child of close friends receive their own invitation?
  Regarding Save the Date cards, is there any etiquette involved? More specifically, is it ok to handwrite the envelopes? Should they be written as formal as the actual invitations?
  I have heard that there is some type of formula as to the number of invitations sent and the number of guests that attend. Could you help me here? The chapel holds 300, how do you decide how many you can invite?
  What is the proper way to send invitations to guests when you have 2 lists? One for the ceremony and one for the reception only? This is due to limited seating at the chapel?
  We had to postpone my daughters wedding a couple of days before because of a family emergency, we are now in the process of trying to re-do everything to have it in about six weeks. I am not sure about invitations????? and wording???? HELP, THANK YOU
  valerie, my fiance and I are getting married (2nd time for both of us) in a very private wedding in Mexico. I want to have a big formal reception afterwards. I would like to send invations,which would have the date that we did get married, save this date magnets and other things as if we had a "regular church" wedding, would this be proper for the type of wedding we are having?
  Is it proper to print out the Name and addresses on the invitations or should they be hand written?


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