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  Does the Groom have to attend the Bridal Shower? My son is getting married in June and he was told he has to attend the Bridal Shower and he does not want to attend.
  As parents of the bride, we am aware of our responsibilities for the wedding, but my parents, maternal grandparents of the bride, have asked what they are to be responsible for. Is there something that grandparents are responsible for? I am not aware of anything, but they would really like to be responsible for something.
  I am the mother of the groom. My son is getting married next week. I have owned a catering business for over 20 years. My future daughter in law and her mother have refused my help with the catering or any other aspect of the wedding, with they exception of the flowers and the rehearsal dinner (they planned the meal, I'm just providing it.) They (I'm not sure if it is the mother or daughter) have changed flowers 5 times in the last 2 weeks. I have already spent over $300 on silk flowers and made arrangements for the ceremony, rehearsal dinner, reception, bridal party, etc. The bride did pick out the flowers and the arrangements that have been made. I am totally confused about who should pay the additional $485 for her last choice of flowers. Also, there is an ex husband of mine involved. He has refused to pay for anything, will not be wearing a tux and will not attend the rehearsal dinner or the reception. My son has asked my current husband to act as his father during the entire event. I am not sure about the "father of the groom" toast. Should I or my current husband give this toast? Who should be in the family pictures? Should my ex husbands "date" be considered for the pictures? I am fretting!!!!! It so much easier when it is someone elses wedding and your getting paid to do this.
  Can you please tell me what are the duties of the wedding coordinator?
  I am having a Bridal shower for my future Daughter in law in May. They are having a fairly small wedding in June. My problem is that I want to invite all the relatives, cousins that I was invited to when their children were getting married but they will not be invited to the wedding. Should I not include those not invited to the wedding to the Bridal shower list?
  Hi Valerie, I was just wondering. I thought it would have been a cute idea to mail an invitation to the ladies that I would like in my wedding party. But, then I thought about it and thought it might be impersonal if I did that. Please help!
  Confused.....looked at literally dozens of prominent nationally known wedding and wedding advice web sites and they all agree about 99% on the split of costs for weddings and receptions. According to all of them, the Groom and groom's family are responsible for the brides flowers, the corsages for the mothers and "special" ladies, all boutonnières, the license, groomsmen gifts, brides wedding gift, the honeymoon, engagement ring, and the rehearsal dinner. We have a groom's mom who says her obligation is the rehearsal dinner only, and she quotes you as saying that is their only obligation. The bride and groom cannot afford anything, they both work but do not make enough to pay for a nice wedding, so as the brides parents we are picking up the whole tab, but it seems to us they are trying to avoid helping financially. We are trying to be more than fair. Are we and all the web sites we have consulted all wet?? Because the groom cannot afford to pay his obligations is it the bride's family who should step in and pay the grooms portion too?? Neither the bride's or groom's families have a problem financially and the "kids" are in their mid 20's. We will gladly pay for everything, but would like a clarification from you just to settle the uncomfortable atmosphere that now exisits. Thanks.
  We are getting married in Jamaica this summer. Our guest list is very limited. We would like to send out wedding announcements to all those who could not join us for the ceremony. What is the proper way to word a wedding announcement and should we add information about our registry?
  A few people approached my future daughter in laws mother about having a bridal party. So she's having one, which involves inviting people to the shower that aren't going to be invited to the wedding reception. My son and his future (maybe) wife are now in a big disagreement. My son feel that it is rude to invite these people, accept a gift, and have them not be invited. Help, the groom's father.
  My wedding is in April but we have already received a gift from his step-sister. Her and her family are unable to make it because her son is very ill. I am sure they know we have received it but do I send a thank you now or after the wedding?
  Hi my fiancés family lives in Sacramento and my family lives in Los Angeles. Are there any guidelines or rules about where the wedding should be? Of course because my father is paying he doesn't want the added expense of travel to have the wedding up north, however my fiancés family is worried about the financial strain on them to travel south. Please help!
  When is the proper time to send "save the date cards" ,hotel info. maps etc. Also are they sent to out of town guests only. Is there proper wording of such a letter?
  How do you word a thank you note for someone whom gave you cash?
  My daughter's wedding was just canceled. What is the etiquette for returning bridal shower/wedding gifts? Thank you.
  I would prefer not to give favors at the wedding. Would this be acceptable in regard to etiquette? Thanks for your opinion.
  When addressing the wedding invitations, do I send one to those who are going to be in the wedding party. & when i address to a couple with only one child do I put Mr. & Mrs. John Doe & child's name or family
  My daughter is planning an open church wedding. We will be printing the invitation in the bulletin. Would it be poor taste to include a telephone no. for a RSVP? This would be helpful for planning on number of people attending reception?
  How long do you have for wedding thank yous
  Dear Valarie, My fiancé and I have been engaged for four years and had to postpone our wedding due to the arrival of our daughter.We really want to get married and have just not found the time or money. I figure that we can afford the ceremony,but the reception will be a problem. We both have large families that we are close to,our guest list is about 250. It's really important for me to wear my dress and dance with my "husband" but there is no way that we can afford to feed everyone. I thought of just having the ceremony now and the reception later but I just have the feeling it won't happen if we put it off. Is there any way to just invite people to come to a reception just for dancing and not feed them, I have also heard of brides having their receptions sponsored so they don't have to pay for anything, kind of a advertising opportunity for the vendors, how do I find out about that? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thank you so much, Jennifer Hansen
  My son is getting married and I am aware that it is the responsibility of the grooms parents to host and pay for the Rehearsal Dinner. My former husband and his new wife (of 2 months) are in a much better financial situation than I am. My former husband has made arrangements for this dinner and sent me an e-mail informing me that he was working on the plans, and forwarded a copy of the invitation which he was going to have printed providing it meets the approval of the bride. It tells where the dinner will be, what time, etc. It is signed Mr. &. Mrs. John Doe. They did not include my name (Grooms mother) on the invitation. In the e-mail, my former husband asked me if I wanted to make a financial contribution to the dinner! (I would be more than happy not only to contribute my share, but would also love to have some input in matters such as: menu selection, flowers, seating arrangement, etc., since I am the mother of the groom!!) However, it seems like I have not even been consulted or even considered, except for a financial contribution. My question is: Is it appropriate for my name to also appear on the invitation? And if it is, would it be appropriate for me to request that my name be included? If one of the groom's parents couldn't afford to help financially, which is not the case with me, wouldn't it still be appropriate for both the mother and the father's name to appear on the invitation? Please help with this touchy situation, ASAP!! Thank you!
  I am having difficulty deciding if I should or should not invite 2 people. One person is my ex and my fiancées "ex" best-friend. His 2 daughters(our god-daughters, ages 5 & 3) are going to be our flower girls and will be with their grandparents. My fiancée and I feel like its only right to invite him but neither of us really want him there. What would be the best thing to do? want to ad that the ex is not going to financially responsible for any parts of his daughter being in the wedding we are helping the grandparents with the dresses as the father does not work. He has allowed the children to be apart of the day. He has stated before that he would understand if he isn't invited but would really like to attend. He was an ex friend long before wedding was planned. The second person is my father. My parents have been divorced for about 15 years and we haven't gotten along or really talked for about the last year or more. At this time he doesn't even know about the wedding plans at all. Again I feel the right thing to do is to at least tell him and be upfront by telling him that he will have no role in the wedding. My younger brother will be "giving me away". Any advice on these situations would be helpful as the wedding is about 7 months away. Thank you.
  If you respond no to a wedding what is the proper etiquette, do you send a gift?
  Would it be acceptable to ask the attendees to make a cash donation, instead of purchasing a gift, to help offset the cost of the wedding which will be held on a chartered private railroad car attached to a scheduled Amtrak train?


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