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  We are having a plated dinner, and in between each course is about a 20-30 minute wait. Is it proper for the bride and groom to mingle with guests in between courses?
  how could a friend handle this situation. two days or so after her engagement their daughter started planning a wedding for next year. within a week or two she had mother and he siblings running to look at dresses, venues and caterers. The bridesmaids sister are from out of town and came in to go shopping for dresses. They chose a dress a neutral color because the bride had picked such vibrant colors. The groom or someone evidently commented on the color and that's when the fight began. they were told to go and pick out another neutral color. They declined to oblige and told the bride to pick it out but not before much anguish. then the back biting began. one thing after another. the couple has no funds to sponsor this wedding so the brides parents offered to sponsor up to a certain amount. If it went under that amount they'd get the extra cash. Well it was like hell broke loose. within one week a hall and deposit was made. the bride wanted to order the dress which had to be paid in full over !000.00 and the caterer was visited. The parents were expected to foot all of this in one month. Mind you the parents are retired on a fixed income. Next delimna. The bride makes a remark that she's afraid her parents are taking control of the guest list. MInd you there are no invited of the parents. Now there's a big tadoo because the parents requested that a few of biological relative be invited and 3 close friends. There were only 3 friends of ours that were one the list, yet the groom has uncles and cousins coming. The bride also wanted the mother to pay for her gown a year in advance. however she declined. Then the bride went to another shop and found yet another dress that she preferred. The bride got snotty when my friend commented to her "I'm glad we did't order the other dress". The bride retorted well had you , I wouldn't have gone to look for more! How does one end all of this nightmare? Everyone is fed up with her bridzilla antics. She's even threatened to cancel the wedding and elope to escape the drama. she refuses to see that she's the problem!
  My name is Cathy. My future daughter just informed me of the wedding recpt being change.. from 4pm to 6-7 pm.. OMG .. the wedding starts at 11 am .. my son now , has it , as wedding starts at 10 & recpt at 4pm . I told them to get the times right first off.. being that there will be out of town guest & that the recept should always be after the wedding .. ( going to be a house wedding & recpt is at a chinese resturant .. ) who is right?? are we heading for a very long day for ruins ??
  Hello Valerie, My name is April. My wedding is set for September 2009. The reception is going to be right afterwards. I have a huge family, and most of them have young children. I have to pay per plate. How can write on the reception card that I do not want children at the reception? Except if they are in the wedding party, as I have 2 daughters' in it, my sister has 3 kids in it, and my fiance has his neices and nephews' in it. Please help me sound as polite as possible.
  Hello Valerie, I have some questions about post wedding celebrations. I was married 7 months ago in Italy because my husband is Italian and so are my parents, so it really wasn't a destination wedding it was a regular wedding held in a foreign country. We live in Italy now. Almost all of the family and friends I invited from the US couldn't make it so we want to have a celebration there (in the US). The celebration will be a little short of our 1st year anniversary (we couldn't have it any sooner for various serious reasons). Is it too late? Can I wear my gown again? What is an appropriate invitation?Thanks.
  Hello Valerie, When a question is posted to you does it go on the forum? I was looking for mine, but I can't find it. I hope you got it. Thanks
  Hi Valerie! It is okay to have everyone go to dinner after the wedding and then have like a cocktail reception. My fiance and I are having our wedding at a location specific for the wedding, and then we have a suite that we are planning on having the reception in. In an effort to cut down costs and because of the timing of the wedding (2:30 to 3:30) we were planning on having the people go to dinner and then come back to the suite for drinks and cake. Is this okay?
  Hello Valerie, My friend is getting married in Las Vegas. She is inviting about 30 people. Everyone should pay for there own expenses right? There is no reception planned back home. So the bride would like to have a meal after the wedding, they are paying for the wedding themselves. Can they ask guest to pay for their own meal? How do they word it on the invitation? She is really stressed that she is asking too much of her guest, and also her own cost. She doesn't want to offend anyone but also needs to be tight with budget. Thank you, Shelley
  Hi Valerie. My wife and I got married 3 years ago. We went to the court house because we did not want a big wedding but wanted to just have a nice reception. Her parents were to pay for the reception even though I said that I would. 3 months passed and for whatever reason, we never had the reception. I know that this really upset my wife. I also know its too late to do the reception now. My question is, If we were to renew our vows this year, would it be morally wrong to have the reception we never had? Thanks
  I am getting married in May of 08, my first wedding. My fiancé has two children (4 & 7) that are participating in our ceremony. Since I am new to this, I am not sure who is supposed to watch over them at the reception as we celebrate. I'm sure my future mother-in-law would be more than happy to, but I want her to enjoy her evening, not chase kids all over. Is it inappropriate to have them picked up after the ceremony?
  We had a small wedding with only a few family members (my parents and kids) in LV. I am now considering holding a reception for the rest of our family and friends. When is it too late to hold something of this nature? What should it be called? Do we register? We were married on 7/4/07
  Is it OK to ask for an RSVP for a reception when it's not a sit down dinner, only heavy hors d'oeuvres? I've not seen this done but would like to have a general idea of how many people to plan food and drinks for as I'm being charged per person by the caterer.
  I dont know where to host the reception. We are going to have a destination wedding with few attending ceremony. My fiance want to have two receptions: one on one side of the state where most of his family lives and one where we live, where my family is. I was thinking of having one located between the two locations, this should cut back on expense and stress of planning. His concern is no one will attend. What is your suggestion?
  My brother and his wife got married in Hawaii, they were planning on having their reception in June but he got orders to go to Iraq. Would it be wrong for me to send out an email to our side of the family about if they want to send gifts. Her side of the family already had their wedding reception as she lived out of state.
  My daughter is planning to have her reception on a riverboat on a local lake. The lake is about 20 miles from our town where the ceremony will be held. The riverboat normally tours the lake for 2 hours. Guests will be able to board the boat 30 minutes before the boat departs. The wedding party will also be able to board and take pictures before the boat departs. We can set the reception time anywhere from 2 to 6 in the afternoon/early evening. We have to be off the boat by 6:00pm. We plan to have a sit down meal on the riverboat with some dancing. What would be an acceptable timeline for reception activities when we have such a limited time on the riverboat? I am also assuming that the bouquet toss and bride and groom leaving will be done after the boat docks. In addition, what would be an acceptable time for the ceremony to begin when people will need to travel about 30 minutes to the reception?
  Hi Valerie, I'm a Christian and so is my Fiance'. We are not having liquor (or dancing) at our reception. There will be a live band instead. Do you have any suggestions on what we could do in order to entertain our guests?
  Hi Valerie, We decided to assign seats for our guests but the problem is I don't know the name of some of the guests that are bringing a guest or date (i.e. Mr. John Smith and Guest). The rsvp didn't indicate a guest and I've been working over 40 hours a week lately to get the money to pay the small balances left over for the wedding, so I haven't had the time to call anyone. How would I write out the card to be placed at that seat? Should I write Mr. John Smith's Guest, or Guest of John Smith, or maybe should I write on that card Mr. John Smith and guest and leave the seat next to it without a place card? Any advise you can provide would be so helpful. Thanks
  Hello, My father is in a wheelchair recovering from a broken hip/pelvis (on top of a motor skills disorder he already has) and cannot really push himself around. He does have the ability to stand for short periods of time with a walker or the help of someone else and he can use his arms. I am getting married in October and thought he would be able to stand for the father/daughter dance but it does not seem as if that will happen. We've already made the decision that he won't be able to walk me down the asile but I didn't want to give up the tradition of the father daughter dance. Do you have any suggestions?
  Was it wrong for guests of one family to ignore the placecards , which stated which table they were to sit at during the meal, and proceed to sit elsewhere?
  My daughter-in-law and son were married privately due to an unplanned but welcome pregnancy. Now they want to have a combination wedding celebration (reception) and baby shower all in one. How do you word the invite so people can come and not feel they have to buy gifts for both or either?
  Hi there Valerie, my questions for you is this. Is it proper to have a cash bar at our reception? We are renting a reception hall/ restaurant and we are having it catered by the restaurant, can we bring our own liquor?
  My best friend is getting married in a small/family wedding where she has recently moved. She has no family to speak of, I am wanting to do a celebration in our home town (where I currently live). Where do I start? Wording for the invites, Is at my home/outside okay? Wedding cake? Light food and beer and wine? Any thoughts or Suggestions... Thanks, Marlene
  im getting married in july of this year, and i would like to include my mother and his mother in lighting the unity candle. how do we do this? and another question, im going to have children at my reception and im wondering for the place card how do you write these out for the kids? do they get their own place card or do you include with the parents placecards?
  is it tacky to have my moms fiance and my father be presented at the reception? how would you announce them when they walk in? i would like them all to be announced and walk together, they all get along well. how would i present them?????
  . I am the Mother-of-the-Bride. My daughter is getting married in September 2006. I am divorced, and my daughter's father has not been in her life since he left over 6 years ago. My daughter wants to do her "the father/daughte" dance with me ... doing a mother-daughter dance with me. NOW HERE IS MY QUESTION ... She would also wants to do a dance with my boyfriend/fiance who has been a pivitol part of her life for the past 5 years. How does that get announced to the reception audience? Also what song would be appropriate for playing while they are dancing?
  We have already had our guest list grow larger than expected (which is fine) and we decided to include people that both of us work with. Many people had pretty much made comments about being invited so we went ahead and agreed to do this. Both of us are happy about this deciesion because I am going back to college right after the wedding, so our reception is really our honeymoon also. There are two things I am really conderned about. I have two children 9 and 13 who are in the wedding party and of course will be seated at the head table. We have alot of family coming from out of state who are mostly on the grooms side and no-one has small children. My children have not meant most of these people and this is the chance for to socialize with them. I am trying to teach my children proper social skills for life. We do not want any other childdren at the reception due to price per person and of course we plan to have a bit of drinking, this is our party and we have a band. I have had a couple comments about couples bringing their child (children). I will not accomodate them. We are having arranged seating and I do not deisre other chidren there. My children will not have time to "play", which is some of the comments I have been hearing. What is the best way to address this. If someone shows up with a child I will have another person in charge of telling them that they do not have a seat. This seems crude maybe but I did not include children on the invitation and I am quite tired of people assuming things when it comes to my wedding. I am shocked at the lack of ettique I have encountered lately. The ohter issue is we have to pay per person and if they bail at the last moment, we still pay for the food ordred and the table setting, the chair and the alcohol count. . We have arranged a very nice sit down dinner and I will be very upset if I recieve an RSVP and then they do not come. How can I make this clear without sonding like a witch. Please adivse.
  Is it proper for the Bride and groom to walk around with a drink in their hand hugging and greet guests at their tables?
  Valerie, My mother is getting remarried to her boyfriend of seven years. They have both been married two times before. I am having a surprise reception with friends and colleagues for them. I have been asked by two different people what they can get her and her fiancé? I have trouble with this because they both own homes and have just about everything they need. Someone suggested a wishing well; is this proper etiquette for their third marriage? They are to marry in three weeks and I as everyone else didn't get alot of notice to set this reception up but have fared quite well in location and amount of people coming. Please let me know as soon as you can because to me this is a delicate question and I want to be able to answer it respectfully and should I put this in the invitations? Thanks for your site it looks great. Amber Falck
  dear valerie, we have been planning a wedding for only a few months and my fiance's mother has driven up the costs over double what we could afford. we are paying for everything ourselves because either family can afford this at the time and his family believes that we are old enough (23) to take care of the expenses. His family wants to invite everyone they know and think it should be an impressive event. How do we cut down the cost without the family getting upset?
  Hi Valerie, The reception for my son's wedding follows immediately after the wedding. He and his bride are getting pictures taken with the family and wedding party before coming to the reception. Until they get to the reception, who should be there to greet people as they come in?
  2 of my children are planning to marry in separate ceremonies and would like to combine their receptions. Could you provide any guidelines on how this should be done? 1 couple plan to marry in May the other a few weeks later in June. Thank you
  Valerie, I was married on July 31, 2004 after 9 years of living together in a small ceremony in Santa Barbara. I never wanted a large wedding only a small intimate wedding for many reasons however, my now husband had always wanted a large wedding. So as our life together played out - as I said we ended up going away and getting married in a small ceremony with our 9 month old son. So, we got engaged in September 2002 (we had been together for 7 years), my now husband quit his job (2002), went back to school (2003) and within two months of this we were pregnant with our son - a true blessing. So in my mind having a reception this September, 2005 is out of the question - however, he is graduating from college and his plan is to have a dual party to celebrate both recent (not so recent) events in our lives. I have read that delayed wedding receptions these days are quite common but this delayed???
  My daughter is not having drinking/dancing at her reception.(Wedding 12:00 Sit down dinner reception 1-5) Do you have any ideas of other things to do at the reception besides eat???
  Hi Valerie! I am in a very sensitive position as the STEP-Mother of the groom and do not know where I am to be seated at the head table of a semi formal, sit down reception, if I am to be at the head table at all. Please note my step son's biological Mother has been invited and accepted the invitation. Joe feels obligated to have her represent him as Mother of the Groom with none of the traditional obligations. She will be traveling 4,500 kms to attend. In Joe's 25 years, I have been in the picture since he was 4 years old and Mother walked away 24 1/2 years ago and only appears sporadically at her convenience. It has been 4 to 5 years since they have seen each other. Sincerely Denise
  We are getting married in Maui and will be there for about two weeks. When we return, my parents are having a reception for us at the home of one of their friends. We are sending the invitations out with the wedding announcements. We are wanting the reception to be "Adults Only" but my husband to be has sisters who live out of state and have teenage children. My future parent in-laws feel that would be rude to not include their children because it will not be easy for them to attend without their kids. They feel like since we are getting married in Maui and not locally where the whole family can be present, this is their time to celebrate with us. What do you think is proper?
  Hello Valerie, my question is about a wedding theme I am doing the princess wedding theme however I am running into a few snags first of all I am having my ceremony early morning and will be getting married and having a early afternoon reception , I am only having a semi formal wedding so I do not want alot of extra formal things, Is there a way that I might be able to tone down the theme ? Without taking away from it much? I have many guests and do not want to make the theme I am using look to formal because of it being during the day. Thanks any advice would be helpful.
  What are the order of events at the reception, from the arrival of the bride and groom to the ending and who is the master of ceremonies at the reception?
  What is the poem for the camera table tents? There is one that rhymes. I researched it but I keep getting only the one that doesn't rhyme. Thanks.
  Hi Valerie!! Ive recently asked you about the place card holders and you've helped out a lot! Now I was wondering if you could tell me about camera table tents. I am doing my wedding in precious moments and I have searched and searched for just the table tent. But I got one thing to come up and it was with the camera already and asking $14 for one!!! Thats crazy! I was wondering if you had any idea where I can get just the table tents, without the camera too. Please help! Thanks!
  I think that place card holders are very expensive. As pretty as they make things look, I just cannot afford them. I was wondering if there is any other way to put the place cards and still have them look neat and easy to get to. Please help!
  my fiancé and I are getting married in a private ceremony in Florida on July Th with just our kids ( this is both of our second marriages) and our close family. We are then retuning home to have a formal reception a couple weeks later. We are both very excited, but what is the rule on gifts ,etc. I have had some people ask, because they want to throw wedding showers and they are asking were we are going to be registering at. I assumed with a second marriage that we would not have a bridal shower or gifts at our reception. Is this common to have bridal showers on a second marriage and gifts at the reception. We were just wanting friends and family to join in our celebration. What is proper etiquette on this subject. thanks in advance for your help.
  Hi! I'm having a terrible time looking for a location to book for my reception. Actually it wouldn't be that much of a problem but my problem is that I need to find a place in the San Francisco Bay Area where I can provide my own catering and not be charged for the number of guests attending. In other words, I need to find a place that I can rent just only the facility but yet provide my own catering. Is there a website that might be useful. I've searched everywhere & I haven't had any luck. Please help! Thanks!
  My mother is paying for my wedding. I would like to have a traditional Jewish wedding. The catch is that my mother wants me to have a clown or magician at the reception. She would also like the guests that have classic cars to bring those as well so that there may be a car show out in the parking lot. I am in fear that if I do not go along with it she will not assist financially. Co workers have suggested that I find a place for the reception that I can afford on my own. What do you think?
  I am having a fall wedding, October 8th. My wedding is not going to incorporate a fall theme, but is it okay to have a fall themed reception?
  I am having my reception at a hotel and one of my family guest just advised me (my wedding is in two weeks) that she can not find a sitter for her three children, so she is bringing the 4,7 and 14 year old with her and she is saying that they will stay in the room and not enter the party. I am very uncomfortable with this, because I have other family members that have children and were told that children are not invited. I know that the kids are not going to want to stay in the room. I told this person basically how I felt and she really didnt seem to care. What should I do? Call her again and tell her directly do not bring the children. Please help.
  my fiancé has a big family and most of them have kids,will it be appropriate to have a jumper? the hall where we are getting married has a fenced patio. what is your advice, i just dint want all the kids running around, and i can't say no children.
  My friend is gettin married in a couple of months.She wants the tables at the reception to each have a theme.For example:silver hearts,white clouds,white pearls,sterling silver rose etc...Is it possible for you to give me a couple of ideas?These will be set on the table.Nothing big.I really need your help!
  I am filming a friend's wedding ceremony and the following reception. I was wondering if you could help me out with the questions that I could ask guests of the reception.
  Because of availability the reception is not following immediately after the ceremony. Is this ok?
  How can we save money on the reception?
  What are the duties of the Mistress and Master of Ceremony. We have two for each side of the family?
  How do you seat people at the reception?
  Hi, My fiance and I have planned a small wedding with just our immediate family in the Carribean. However we are having a large reception in our hometown just a few days after we return from the islands. I don't know how to word the invitations to the reception without seeming terribly rude for not inviting everyone to our wedding. I have read it is proper etiquette to wait until you are married and then send out an announcement of the marriage and an invitation to the reception, however our reception is so soon after our wedding there simply isn't time to do that. What would you recommend the proper wording be for our reception invitations? Thank you for your help
  How can I save money on food?


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