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  We are having a plated dinner, and in between each course is about a 20-30 minute wait. Is it proper for the bride and groom to mingle with guests in between courses?
  how could a friend handle this situation. two days or so after her engagement their daughter started planning a wedding for next year. within a week or two she had mother and he siblings running to look at dresses, venues and caterers. The bridesmaids sister are from out of town and came in to go shopping for dresses. They chose a dress a neutral color because the bride had picked such vibrant colors. The groom or someone evidently commented on the color and that's when the fight began. they were told to go and pick out another neutral color. They declined to oblige and told the bride to pick it out but not before much anguish. then the back biting began. one thing after another. the couple has no funds to sponsor this wedding so the brides parents offered to sponsor up to a certain amount. If it went under that amount they'd get the extra cash. Well it was like hell broke loose. within one week a hall and deposit was made. the bride wanted to order the dress which had to be paid in full over !000.00 and the caterer was visited. The parents were expected to foot all of this in one month. Mind you the parents are retired on a fixed income. Next delimna. The bride makes a remark that she's afraid her parents are taking control of the guest list. MInd you there are no invited of the parents. Now there's a big tadoo because the parents requested that a few of biological relative be invited and 3 close friends. There were only 3 friends of ours that were one the list, yet the groom has uncles and cousins coming. The bride also wanted the mother to pay for her gown a year in advance. however she declined. Then the bride went to another shop and found yet another dress that she preferred. The bride got snotty when my friend commented to her "I'm glad we did't order the other dress". The bride retorted well had you , I wouldn't have gone to look for more! How does one end all of this nightmare? Everyone is fed up with her bridzilla antics. She's even threatened to cancel the wedding and elope to escape the drama. she refuses to see that she's the problem!
  My name is Cathy. My future daughter just informed me of the wedding recpt being change.. from 4pm to 6-7 pm.. OMG .. the wedding starts at 11 am .. my son now , has it , as wedding starts at 10 & recpt at 4pm . I told them to get the times right first off.. being that there will be out of town guest & that the recept should always be after the wedding .. ( going to be a house wedding & recpt is at a chinese resturant .. ) who is right?? are we heading for a very long day for ruins ??
  Hello Valerie, My name is April. My wedding is set for September 2009. The reception is going to be right afterwards. I have a huge family, and most of them have young children. I have to pay per plate. How can write on the reception card that I do not want children at the reception? Except if they are in the wedding party, as I have 2 daughters' in it, my sister has 3 kids in it, and my fiance has his neices and nephews' in it. Please help me sound as polite as possible.
  Hello Valerie, I have some questions about post wedding celebrations. I was married 7 months ago in Italy because my husband is Italian and so are my parents, so it really wasn't a destination wedding it was a regular wedding held in a foreign country. We live in Italy now. Almost all of the family and friends I invited from the US couldn't make it so we want to have a celebration there (in the US). The celebration will be a little short of our 1st year anniversary (we couldn't have it any sooner for various serious reasons). Is it too late? Can I wear my gown again? What is an appropriate invitation?Thanks.
  Hello Valerie, When a question is posted to you does it go on the forum? I was looking for mine, but I can't find it. I hope you got it. Thanks
  Hi Valerie! It is okay to have everyone go to dinner after the wedding and then have like a cocktail reception. My fiance and I are having our wedding at a location specific for the wedding, and then we have a suite that we are planning on having the reception in. In an effort to cut down costs and because of the timing of the wedding (2:30 to 3:30) we were planning on having the people go to dinner and then come back to the suite for drinks and cake. Is this okay?
  Hello Valerie, My friend is getting married in Las Vegas. She is inviting about 30 people. Everyone should pay for there own expenses right? There is no reception planned back home. So the bride would like to have a meal after the wedding, they are paying for the wedding themselves. Can they ask guest to pay for their own meal? How do they word it on the invitation? She is really stressed that she is asking too much of her guest, and also her own cost. She doesn't want to offend anyone but also needs to be tight with budget. Thank you, Shelley
  Hi Valerie. My wife and I got married 3 years ago. We went to the court house because we did not want a big wedding but wanted to just have a nice reception. Her parents were to pay for the reception even though I said that I would. 3 months passed and for whatever reason, we never had the reception. I know that this really upset my wife. I also know its too late to do the reception now. My question is, If we were to renew our vows this year, would it be morally wrong to have the reception we never had? Thanks
  I am getting married in May of 08, my first wedding. My fiancé has two children (4 & 7) that are participating in our ceremony. Since I am new to this, I am not sure who is supposed to watch over them at the reception as we celebrate. I'm sure my future mother-in-law would be more than happy to, but I want her to enjoy her evening, not chase kids all over. Is it inappropriate to have them picked up after the ceremony?
  We had a small wedding with only a few family members (my parents and kids) in LV. I am now considering holding a reception for the rest of our family and friends. When is it too late to hold something of this nature? What should it be called? Do we register? We were married on 7/4/07
  Is it OK to ask for an RSVP for a reception when it's not a sit down dinner, only heavy hors d'oeuvres? I've not seen this done but would like to have a general idea of how many people to plan food and drinks for as I'm being charged per person by the caterer.
  I dont know where to host the reception. We are going to have a destination wedding with few attending ceremony. My fiance want to have two receptions: one on one side of the state where most of his family lives and one where we live, where my family is. I was thinking of having one located between the two locations, this should cut back on expense and stress of planning. His concern is no one will attend. What is your suggestion?
  My brother and his wife got married in Hawaii, they were planning on having their reception in June but he got orders to go to Iraq. Would it be wrong for me to send out an email to our side of the family about if they want to send gifts. Her side of the family already had their wedding reception as she lived out of state.


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