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  Hi Valerie, I'm getting married in June and my father will be attending, but due to all the treatments for cancer he lost all of his hair. He's really having a problem showing up without hair. I know he's now wearing hats and I want to make him more comfortable by myself and the best man wearing hats. I know he likes wearing a Fedora, but is it appropiate to wear a hat (not top hat) with me being the groom?
  Hi Valerie, would it be inappropriate for the mother of the groom to wear an ivory dress?
  Hi Valerie, My step son is getting married in Florida this November. Do you think it's appropriate to wear a red gown? I've asked his fiance about the wedding attire and said to wear whatever we want. His mom is wearing a lavender color gown and I'm not sure of the color of her mom - black or plum - I believe. the bridemaids are wearing navy blue. I'm from ny and I'm used to getting pretty dressed up for weddings. It's in a really nice place in Boca Raton and my husband (the groom's father) is wearing a blace tux. The bride is wearing a beautiful lace gown. The red gown is very tasteful and elegant but I'm not sure about red. It's not a bright red, its dull. We will not be in any pictures with the mom.
  Is it ok if i wear a burgundy bow tie with white dots and my groomsmen wear a solid wine satin bowtie with a wine cummerbun? I was thinking it might be a color riot. i am not sure about the combination.
  is it ok if my best man and i wear a bowtie and a vest while my groomsmen wear just a bow tie and a cummerbun? Is it also ok for a groom to look slightly different from his best man?
  Hello, my 2 of my bridesmaid dresses is lapis and i wanted to know if i put the other 3 in levendar would it look right
  hello and thanks for this website. Im getting married september 12 at 5 pm....im having my bridesmaid dresses in watermelon almost fusicha color, my question is would putting the guys in a tangerine look bad at all?
  Hi Val I am getting married in Sept 09 garden style event, after pictures and dinning I would like to change out of my dress and put on beautiful linen pants suit is this ok??
  My daughter is having a 7 pm wedding and the MOG and I are wearing long dresses. My mother in law (77 years old, a widow) has bought a strapless tafetta silk dress with ruching from bodice all the way down to the knees. If is very form fitting and has a trumpet skirt. It looks like a prom dress or pageant gown. She was very offended when I told her it was more formal than mine and the MOG dress. I don't think it's appropriate for a woman her age although she normally dresses very stylish for her age. It is going to a topic of contention but I am not sure what I should do, if anything about it. What are thoughts, advice?
  Hi Val, I am getting married in october and my dress is white and apple is it ok for my groom to wear a black tux and apple vest and tie? I dont want it to look akward.
  Hi Valeri, if the bride is wearing a long formal dress, and the maids are wearing tea length. is it OK for the Mother of the bride to wear either a long, a low high, or a tea length dress? ( the guys will all be in black tuxes.) Thanks so much!
  Hi I am wearing an ivory dress. I guess my question is should the guys wear ivory dress shirts or white. I am thing ivory but just not sure. If ivory what color do you think works best for the tie. O and the suits are black. Thanks in advance for your help
  Do you get your hair or makeup done first?
  I am 43 and getty ready to marry for the third time. We plan to be married by the justice of the peace, but then have a huge blow out wedding dance. Is it ok to wear a traditional wedding dress for the dance?
  Hi Valerie, so glad to know your service is here. Thank you in advance. I am wearing an ivory gown. We want the wedding party to wear red and black which are our old high school colors. Big question is - can the flower girl basket, ring pillow, favor organza bags etcetera be white? I already have a few white things that were given to me. or Do you think I need to get a white dress? Thanks for your time.
  Hi Valerie, My dress is ivory, can the ring pillow, flower girl basket etc. be white. The wedding party colors are red and black. Thanks for your time.
  Hi. I'm getting married on May 16th and I really want a rose red color for my bridesmaid dresses. Is that color okay for a May wedding or should I pick lighter colors? Also, what colors would go well with rose red for my other color? Thanks
  Hi Valerie- I am having a fall wedding and my bridesmaids are all plus size woman and top heavy. My question is what colors would look good on them? I originally had brown and pumpkin for my colors. Please advise
  Dear Valerie: We are having a semi-formal reception in the afternoon. My wife's daughter thinks I should not wear a tuxedo and my wife is not sure. we got married earlier in the year.. what is the best way to get dressed// I always wante dot wear a tuxedo, this my our fouth marriage for both. Please advice. thank you Franco
  Valerie, My daughter's wedding is on October 13th at 6:30. Her colors are red and black. Is a black formal pant suit appropriate?
  My step-son's wedding is in November at 5 p.m. The mother of the bride is wearing a long, strapless dress with a cover. What is appropriate for me to wear? I'm cold natured and the wedding is in PA.
  I don't see my question answered so far. I am the grandmother of the groom. The wedding is full length, tuxedo attire, even for the mother of the groom and bride. I am 81 years old and have no use for a long dress. I have a black tea length very dressy skirt and top which I can wear with a pink silk jacket. The wedding colors are cafe au lait and shades of green. Am I way off track? Does it even matter what a grandmother wears?
  Is it proper for the Bride to wear a long dress and maid of honor and bridesmaids to wear tea length dresses. It's an outdoor wedding. The groom and groomsen have selected a jacket type Tux with vest.
  My son is getting married in December on a cruise ship. What is appropriate for the Mother to wear as far as colors and style?


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