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Monday, August 10, 2020

Save Money on Your Wedding Reception Decorations

Save Money on Your Wedding Reception Decorations


by Brenda Westwood, author of




Why not put your money on sumptuous meals for your guests instead of going overboard with expensive flowers for your table centerpieces? Cutting corners on your decorations is a wise and practical decision. Here are ten ideas to save money on decorations for your wedding reception.


  1. Hang paper lanterns. Paper lanterns are cheap lighting ideas. Get ones in similar shapes but in varying sizes. For example, in one corner of the ceiling, group round lanterns that have different sizes. Suspending them in groups looks elegant and contemporary, not to mention inexpensive.
  2. Create tissue paper pomanders to replace the bulk of the flowers that you need for decoration. These are very cheap wedding decoration ideas, and they are available in most craft stores. Purchase tissue paper pomanders that match your wedding theme.
  3. White Christmas lights make cheap wedding reception decorations. Suspend strings of them on the ceiling or around potted plants. You can even encircle a string of Christmas lights around your wedding cake.
  4. Buy or borrow a small water fountain. Place this on the entrance of your wedding reception venue. The sound it makes is calming. It looks unique and beautiful, too.
  5. Renting fancy seat covers may be expensive. Buy appropriately colored wide ribbons instead. Have your friends help you to arrange and tie them at the backs of your guests’ chairs.
  6. Use more candles than flowers on the tables. Floating candles and petals in a bowl of water are wonderful table centerpieces. But check with your wedding venue first if candles are allowed.
  7. Cover the tables with a fabric of your choice. You can buy cheap, sheer, and romantic-looking fabrics on any craft store. Exercise your creativity and save money at the same time. You do not need to spend big bucks to come up with strategies for intimate wedding décor.
  8. Wheatgrass kits are inexpensive and can be grown weeks ahead of your wedding day. Wheatgrass centerpieces turn any spring weddings into contemporary and elegant affairs.
  9. Buy vintage herb pots and antique tea tins. Plant something in them weeks before the wedding. Turn them into earthy, organic-looking table centerpieces during your wedding reception and give them away as wedding favors at the end of the reception.
  10. As much as possible, rent decorations instead of buying them. Ask your wedding venue location if it rents out decorations as well.



Brenda Westwood is the author of ‘Wise Wedding Planning: Making the PERFECT Theme Wedding Possible At Any Price!'  If you are looking for more tips to make your wedding planning easier, then visit http://www.wiseweddingplanning.com

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