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Monday, August 10, 2020


1. Plan your day for yourself, not for others

2. Take advantage of the Internet (sites, search engines etc.)

3. Get the groom to be involved, it’s his wedding too

4. Seat older guests away from loud music

5. Pamper yourself! Treat your mom and girls to a spa day before the wedding

6. Be realistic about weight loss goals when selecting your gown

7. Remember to involve step parents in some way

8. Think about your attendants likes and dislikes before purchasing the
attendant gifts

9. Consider some of your photos in black and white, they are timeless

10. Remember to allow time for table visits during your reception

11. Pick a song for your first dance that has meaning or a good memory for the
two of you

12. Remember evening receptions are assumed to be more formal than day time

13. Have someone else do your makeup, you will be too nervous and critical

14. Consider having wedding and reception at one location, it is much easier for

15. Don’t overbook your limo, they will usually seat 10

16. Send your invitations out 6-8 weeks before the wedding

17. Send your thank you notes out no later than 3 months after the wedding

18. Look for your ceremony and reception sites first-one year out is average

19. Don’t invite guests you really don’t want to see at your wedding

20. Try to stay within your allocated budget

21. See several of each vendor before making these important decisions

22. Go over the kinds of pictures you will want with your photographer well
ahead of time

23. Take time to select the music you will enjoy during your reception

24. Take dance lessons for your first dance

25. Don’t forget to invite your officiant to your reception

26. Register for gifts well in advance of your wedding date

27. Select dresses for your attendants that flatter them all

28. Assign someone to collect and return all rented items from your wedding day

29. Preserve your gown…your own daughter or another family member may be able to
use it one day

30. Look at your guests when walking down the aisle with a big smile, you don’t
want to miss your own wedding

31. Don’t forget to offer a “vegetarian” option

32. Don’t seat divorced parents at the same table

33. Consider hosting a brunch to open gifts with family the day after

34. Take an engagement photo to display near your guest book

35. Select favors that reflect your personalities or interests

36. Have scotch tape available at the gift table

37. Make sure you are comfortable with and like all of your vendors

38. Select and book your DJ 6-12 months in advance

39. Do not go over 5 minutes when making a toast

40. Start working on your tan early, you don’t want to be red or peeling on your
big day

41. Store your mementos carefully

42. Have all of your travel documents 6 months in advance

43. Assign someone to retrieve your guest book, toasting glasses, pictures and
cameras from the tables, you don’t want to come back to find these things lost

44. Offer sparkling cider as well as champagne for the toast, some guests may
not drink alcohol

45. Store your wedding photos carefully

46. Make important decisions well ahead of time regarding finances, housing,
chores, etc…

47. Attend bridal shows for ideas for your wedding

48. Don’t skimp on the honeymoon, you will be sorry if you do

49. Order a small bouquet for the bouquet toss, keep your bouquet as a momento

50. Have a tasting for your reception food and your wedding cake

51. If you have an outdoor ceremony be sure to have a backup in case of bad

52. Don’t stress out over little things

53. Be sure your Maid of honor knows how to bustle your dress

54. Assign someone to attend to your gifts after the reception

55. Be sure the best man has an appropriate toast that includes something about
the bride

56. Make all payments in a timely manner

57. Wear waterproof mascara

58. Get a good nights sleep the night before your wedding

59. Do not let friends or family talk you in to things you don’t want for your

60. Be sure to eat on your wedding day, it’s easy to forget or be too excited
but you don’t want to get run down

61. Consider buying the grooms tux instead of renting, he will have it for a

62. Don’t leave your guests too long between the ceremony and reception

63. Give each other a wedding gift on your wedding night

64. Don’t drink too much at your wedding, you want to remember every last moment

65. Take time to visit with as many guests as possible

66. Be sure to ask about decorating restrictions at your reception facility

67. Be creative and personalize your wedding

68. Have your hair done ahead of time with your head piece

69. Do not get haircuts closer than 1 month before your wedding

70. Make appointments with vendors so you are not disappointed if they are

71. Think about how the wedding colors you select will look at the reception

72. Do not have drastically different hair and makeup from your everyday look

73. Take time to look around and enjoy everything you have been planning for so

74. Be sure your photographer knows which guests you really want photos of


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