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Monday, August 10, 2020

About Valerie Lehman

Valerie started in the hotel industry directly out of high school and was immediately transfixed with catering and event planning. She was quickly promoted, and at the age of 20 coordinated her first wedding as a Catering Manager at Red Lion/Sea Tac in Seattle.

She has always loved planning weddings and personal celebrations more than any other type of event. Valerie has coordinated nearly 1000 weddings over a period of 25 years. Her most unique wedding was a themed wedding from the renaissance era where the guests wore elaborate costumes and white powdered wigs

Her most challenging wedding was a ceremony and reception in Walnut Creek California when the power went out throughout the state for 14 hours. She recalls "We boiled water with fire and served pasta, and used a portable battery powered radio for the music."

Valerie says she "loves the feeling of a happy bride and groom and the trust that they put in to me while helping them with their event."

In addition, while at the Bonaventure hotel in Los Angeles, she coordinated events for the Los Angeles Lakers as well as 2000 Democratic National Convention events for Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman.

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